Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas

Only two words for us, "cabin fever". The snow came and hit us hard. Luckily Patrick and Paige came over to play, but we still had to get out and do some shopping. The weather can never stop the Christmas shopping.

Kathrine and Addison were begging us to let them outside, so finally we bundled them up and sent them outside. They lasted for awhile, Kathrine more than Addison, but they had fun in the snow. The snow was dry and flaky, good for skiing but not for snowman making. But we did enjoy the snow, or should we say, we are still enjoying it since it has been here for a week and will stay for a least another week.

It is time to put up the Christmas tree, and Kathrine and Addison have to help daddy. He doesn't mind. We sure picked a beautiful tree, and it always brings the spirit into our home.

We kept the Weeks and Durant family tradition alive this year, even though it was cold. We went down town on the Max train to see the giant tree. It was a lot of fun, the cold was just part of the fun. We also went to the cool toy store and found some toys we all enjoyed when we were younger. Kathrine loves to spend time with her cousins, but Addison doesn't like the stroller.

Oh Christmas tree. We have to keep the northwest tradition going by going out and cutting down our Christmas tree. We have a friend who has a farm, he is the one on the tractor. We found the perfect tree. Kathrine had her choice, but it wasn't big enough. We had a lot of fun.


Patrick and Paige said...

Cute collages and we could not have survived this last week and this week for that matter without you guys. It is such a blessing to have you right down the street. Can't wait for Christmas Day with you guys. I am so excited and thank you for inviting us over to share it with you. We love you and feel so grateful for you in our lives. Keep up the great blogging. I LOVE IT. I have taught you well.

Nick, Heidi and kids said...

Merry Christmas. The blog looks good and THANK you for having a REAL tree. Talk to you tomorrow. ps I totally hear you on the whole cabin fever. I do not like the snow.