Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Our Crazy Kate

Kate talks more and more each day about the silliest things!
Last Thursday Patirck and Paige came over to watch "The Office".
Mark had a meeting to go to first. And as he was leaving Kate Yelled,
"but Daddy, we have to watch the office!!"
How cute is that!
Not that she ever gets to see it though because she's in bed.

And, yesterday I had her in bed with me. We were cuddling with our new kitten, Goose.
He was purring and climbing all over kate. When he got down kate said, "I wanna cuddle you mama".
So we cuddled. But Kate started breathing hard... REALLY hard! So I asked if she was ok
and her reply was, "yeah, I just purring!
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Millers! said...

That is a crack up, your mom told me about the purring incident.. how cute is that!