Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fun Family at the beach

Our family walking into the sunset together. We visited the beach this weekend to take some family pictures and we took so great pictures. It's fun to spend time as a family and capture all the fun memories on film and share them with everyone. Enjoy.
Kathrine and her Uncle Pat Pat captured with the beautiful sunset.

Kathrine just loves to pose for the camera and she always has a beautiful smile.

Big sister Kathrine teaching her little sister Addison how to walk on the beach and how to get closer to the water without getting wet.

Daddy and Kathrine enjoy long walks on the beach together

Man we had some fun playing with the girls on the beach. We walked out into the tide very slowly and then when a wave would come in we ran back to safety. It was so much fun.

Addison is learning quickly how to pose for the camera and as you can see she is doing a great job.

What do you think Pat Pat? Well Kathrine I don't think much. Oh silly Pat Pat, I was talking about the sunset, isn't it beautiful. Yes Kathrine, very beautiful.

The cute couple taking their long walk on the beach discussing all the issues of life.

Um Addison you have mud on your face. Yes daddy I know, I like the taste.

Let's get a little closer daddy. OK, not too close, the water is very cold.

Yes daddy, I do love to play in the sand.

Great family photo.

Mommy looking all cute posing on the rock, Addison found a big rock, and Kathrine squinting in the sunset.

Mommies turn to take a nice walk on the beach with Addison. We spent about three hours enjoying the warm October weather. There was no rain or wind, a little odd for the Oregon Coast.

We just love these photos.

Another great family photo.

Daddy showing off his camera skills, not too bad.

Another great shot.

Paige also did a great job and taking most of the photos. She is always nice to have around for a good laugh and some great photos.

Just follow the footprints Addison.

We just had to post all the good family photos.

Hey there good lookin, come here often.

Pat Pat was showing us his animal skills by putting the rabbits to sleep. I think that he was choking them, but later they woke up and ran off. The girls tried to catch them but the rabbits were just too fast.

This was probably the best beach trip as far as weather and location.

Pat Pat and Daddy had too much fun the night before and we found them in the dunes passed out together. We don't want to know what happened.


Mommy and Daddy looking so good.

The weather was great, the location perfect, the best photographer and best of all we had so much fun. Thanks again Paige.

We love the beach
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