Sunday, August 31, 2008

2008 Hood River Fruit Loop

This weekend we started a new family tradition. We went camping in Hood River for the long labor day weekend and did all the sites of the fruit loop. The fruit loop is just what is sounds like, you drive in a big loop and visit all the fruit orchards and every orchard has different attractions. The best place we discovered was the Alpaca farm. Alpacas are similiar to a lama but as you see from the pictures they are a whole lot cuter. Also at the alpaca farm was this huge door and as you can see, one of the most laid back dogs. He let the girls cuddle and ride him. Of course the girls also found the local cat. This we be one vacation that we will do every year.
This was the best orchard out of all of them. They had yummy fresh fruit shakes. Daddy scarfed down a fresh blackberry peach and Patrick enjoyed a blueberry peach. Daddy and Patrick each had three huges shakes that day and probably would have had more, but mommy cut them off.

Yes when we camp, we camp good. We made dutch oven cobler and lasagna, both were delicious. We were nice enough to share with the neighbor campers. Which by the way, there were few campers. This weekend wasn't the warmest weekend. Sunday morning, daddy work up and found the water on the table was frozen. Daddy thought that it was cold that night but not that cold. We wrapped the tarp completely around the tent to help keep us warm. To keep it safe we decided to go into town to find a tent heater but we were unsucessful. We did find this cool toy store as you see in the photos. Mommy found a cool toy and cruised it around the store. We are crazy.

This was the Apple Valley orchard which has fun goats to feed. They also had all of their jams set out for sampling. Daddies favorite was Blackberry peach, so he bought a jar. They had a wide variety of yummy jams and of course, fresh fruit shakes.

Mommy and Kathrine found some funny hats. They are so cute.

Addison fit right in with the whole camping thing. She wasn't too mobile but she did enjoy eating the dirt. She is a trooper.

The weekend was a success and can't wait to do it again next year. Hopefully next year it will be a little warmer.

Eagle creek was fun, but too many people and Addison didn't sleep well. Mommy had the first shift of sleeping with her in the car and then Daddy took over and then early in the morning Daddy set of the alarm and woke up the whole camp site. Oh well, you don't sleep in when you camp.
As you can see, we love to camp and we know how to camp. Anyone is invited to come along with us and we camp all the time.
We have fun camping because we just relax, see and do fun things and we eat like kings and queens. Our number one rule is no easy meals like hot dogs and we must use the dutch oven.
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