Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mountain Sky Resort











Yes we are the lucky ones. Kuni gave us a trip to Mountain Sky Resort in Montana for tow nights and three days in an awesome three room cabin (all expenses paid for) We flew out Friday morning and we were the first to arrive at the ranch. We were welcomes by the staff with a lunch already prepared. We have some yummy gourmet sandwiches and then we were given a person tour of the place. This place was amazing, they had big huge cabins, a pool and hot tub, a pool table, a big huge multi room and everything was decorated with western themes. It was pretty cool. So this whole trip was promotion by comcast and and MTV with CMT. They had given this trip to other businesses that used comcast for advertisement. So there was a total of four other couples there. We got to know all them very well because all the activities included the whole group. The first night we sat down to a big table and had family style thanksgiving dinner. Man was the food good. There we were introduced to everyone. Everyone was so nice. We were already laughing and talking like we were old friends. The sponsors were there from MTV and CMT, two gals from New York. Now they were not your normal New Yorkers, they were super nice and friendly. After dinner we hung out in the lounge are and had drinks. Mark had about 10 cokes and he paid for that later. Everyone just sat around listening to country music and talking. The staff was amazing. It was there job to mingle with the guest and that is what they did. We stayed up until 1 am. The next day we woke up early to an amazing breakfast and then loaded up the vans and drove to Yellowstone. We took a short trip of Yellowstone, didn't get to see much because there was still a lot of snow. But we had fun in the van with one of the couples, Joe and Alicia. We were joking and laughing so hard. We were laughing at our tour driving because she wouldn't stop talking. Some of the stuff was interesting but mostly just jabber. We then came back and had another yummy dinner. Man the food was amazing. We just ate and ate. We stayed up that night playing pool all night.Alicia is amazing at pool. The next day we woke up early for a little hike. The country side was so pretty. Then we came back for Alicia's massage and Mark went on a personal hike with one of the staff members. He found an antler which was pretty cool. And then we went on a horse back riding trip. We went way back in the woods high on the mountain side. It was amazing. Alicia adventured on on the hard trail where as Mark went for the easy route. Mark tried to gallop a little but was a little nervous. Alicia was a pro and enjoyed the fast gallop. We came back for yet another yummy dinner. Other entertainment including mingling with country star. Then Sunday morning we headed back to airport and found out that Alicia's return flight was never booked. So they got her on anther flight. We had to fly separately but landed at the same time. Man this was an adventure we will never forget. Loved every minute.
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