Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sunday Hike in the Gorge

Today Mom wasn't feeling well so Dad took the girls to his favorite place, Columbia River Gorge for some hikes. We stopped by the famous view point for the famous view of the gorge. It was a beautiful day. Just look at the pics, how could you not love this place.
We hiked to Latourell Falls which has an upper and lower falls. I love this hike because it is easy and has some challenging spots also and the both water falls are amazing. The girls rocked this 2.4 mile hike in style. I had to tell them to pace themselves. I only had to carry them part of the way and the way back because it was a little steep.

We always have to spot and pose.
This is uppper Latourell Falls. You can walk around behind the fall and get a little wet. The girls thought the water was cold but later they were splashing and playing in it and didn't want to get out. I love our girls, they are adventurous.

We love to play in creeks, climbing on the rocks and logs, finding bugs, throwing rocks and just splashing.

This is lower Latourell Falls, awesome I know. That is moss on the side of the cliff.
Once again, stopping to pose. We found this cool tree to take some flashy pics.
And you have to stop at famous Multnomah Falls, not just for the scenary but for snow cones.

And to play more in the water. My girls can not get enough water.

Just more cute pictures. We had a really good time. We love to be outside and enjoy this beautiful state that we live in. Here's to being outside and here's to not watching a bunch of tv or playing on stupid smart phones.

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The Durants said...

love that last comment about the smart phones!! ha ha you're so funny. We should do this hike though, it looks like a lot of fun! You're a great daddy.

Think Positive and SMILE! said...

Hey there! Kathrine sure loves to pose! This is the closest "comment" place, so I'll put my other comments here too! Mark's 4th grade picture is great! He looks like he was a daring young lad -- ready to try anything! Addison looks just like you did when you were younger! I love the "We love you Mema and Papa" pictures! Great faces! And I love the "Rock Hard Weeks Family" picture!! That's great! : ) (-- Genevieve B.) : )