Monday, November 10, 2008

Creepy Crawly Critters and Animals Galore

So we found BUNCHES of cool wildlife while in Arizona!!! First, Alicia, oh great hunter that she is, found a tarantella on the rugged outback trail deep in the Grand Canyon. Patrick tried to be brave and pick him up but when the mighty tarantella raised his hairy back Patrick ran for cover behind a boulder... we had to coax him out telling him that the tarantella walked away knowing that Patrick was not a threat! hahahahaha We also found a snake and Paige the daredevil that she is picked him up to save him from the stomping feet of the hikers! We all held him, including Mark, who was a wee bit timid of the teeny tiny 1 foot long snake. Alicia screamed like a little girls that she is when the grasshopper jumped and brushed her leg!! It scares me mama!!! We also saw a condore, that is an endangered species of bird for those of you not up to date on that list. Paige was a fanatic about how HUGE the crows were. We later found out that they were Ravens which explained the hugeness to Paige! Patrick, our mighty explorer attracted all of the squirels in a 15 mile radius. He liked them until one of them hauled off and totally attacked him... then he ran back behind his boulder! Mark found the greatest discovery of all and let me tell you it was incredibly hard to find!!! You don't often see these... Mark found... a huge... elk like elk with massive antlers!! (We didn't get a live picture because it was dark and we were in the car so we took a piture of the mounted one!) Two more discoveries that we make were lizzards in the desert and the best one of them all was.... is the suspense killing you... A SCORPIAN!!!!!! Patrick, amazingly found both of these awesome creatures on his own. He scouted, hunted, and lifted every rock imaginable to come across them and low and behold he did!!

The big boa we found at a friends house! He was big and very strong! (is that what she said? hahahahahaha)

Can you find the wild creature running down the street?

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