Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Daddy was cuddling with Kathrine, trying to get her to sleep, and they had a cute conversation.
"Daddy, did you fix all the cars today?" Kathrine asks.
"Yes sweetie, I fixed all the cars today" Daddy replies.
"Ah, thanks so much", Kathrine responds.
"Was the car black?", Kathrine asks.
"Yes one of the cars was black" Daddy replies.
"Daddy, can we buy a doggy?" Kathrine asks.
"We will see" Daddy answers.
Daddy enjoyed the little chat with his princess, and of course, it was more precious being there and seeing her expressions.

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Nick, Heidi and kids said...

That is so cute. I find it funny that she asked if one of the cars was black. Does she like black cars? We are thinking about getting a dog too. Bosston keeps asking for one. We bought him a toy one, but he really wants a real one. It is funny. Who knows