Monday, February 23, 2009

A Day with the Ducks!

Katrhine, Addison and I took advantage of the nice weather last week and headed to one of our favorite parks. Common Wealth duck pond id so much fun! We love to walk around the lake, chase the ducks, run from the geese and play on the swings!
This was Addison's first time to actually be able to chase the ducks. She loved every second of it and love watching the ducks waddle around her.

Here the girls are chasing all the ducks! Look at Kate... she is totally power walking! hahaha and Addison was trying so hard to keep up with her.

I made the girls walk around the lake once before we went to the play park and to Kate it seemed like an endless journey. She quite frequently asked if we were almost there. In the end I think it was worth the wait for her. They had such a great time!

Kate loves to swing! The higher the better! She can never get enough!

Addison likes to stay low and slow on the swing. But even though she's barely moving she still has a great time!!

Look at that face! Could she be any happier??


Millers! said...

how fun! the girls are so stinkin cute! Cant wait to see them again in a few weeks! Love you

Katie and Tommy said...

I used to love going to feed ducks at the pond when I was little! So much fun!

cressfamily said...

Looks like you all had a great time. Love it when the weather warms up!! Spring fever anyone??

Karleigh Tomlinson said...

SO fun! I want to go to this park! We will have to go the next time it's good weather...and I don't know when that will be! Is it sad that I'm already sick of the rain!!! Your girls are so stinkin' cute!