Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weeks/Durant Campout

Ah the Fruit Loop. This is our favorite place to camp up by Mt Hood and the famous Fruit Loop. We love this place because it is not too crowded, there is clean bathrooms, and plenty of sand for the kids to play in. And plenty of rocks for dad to play with. Dad loves his rocks. This time was fun, we played by the river throwing rocks, crossing logs and taking some fun pictures. The strong men carried back some big logs for the fire. Around the fire we had smores and told ghost stories. The kids just love the ghost stories. Next time we will have to tell some new ones. Then on Saturday we stopped by the Alpacas and the famous Packer Farms fruit stand for yummy icecream and shakes. Then we went to park to kill some energy before the car ride home. We had a lot of fun just doing simple things and not getting caught up in big activities. Love the fruit loop.
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The Durants said...

I had to take a double take. YOU UPDATED THE BLOG!!! Welcome back blogging family, welcome back.