Monday, July 18, 2011

Young Family Reunion

I think that these two love each other.  We surprised everyone and showed up to the fun classic Young Reunion. We had a lot of fun as you will tell by these photos, enjoy.

There was nothing but smiles this weekend as we all enjoyed seeing everyone.  We loved every minute and wished it could have been longer. We will definitely be at the next on.

We just had to take the kids over to see the horse. All the kids enjoyed petty the horse. Mark especiall enjoyed the bonding time between him Mr Ed.

Weeks bonding time, just relaxing

The kids couldn't get enough of the water, it was nice to have a fun safe lake to play in. Uncle Devon, thanks again for the boat rides, we loved it.

And ofcourse, we loved the sand.

The famous Devon omlets.

Hells Canyon
More of our fun road trips home. Did you say fun road trips? Yes I did we know that road trips are usually boring but since we go on the a lot, we make the fun and stop to see fun and beautiful spots like this one.
Dad tried to clip up but he didn't have the right shoes.

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