Saturday, March 28, 2009

Day at the Beach

This was Kathrine's first day at the beach and man she loved it. Up top was our campsite and she ran of to explore. She came upon Patrick's car and climbed inside and then wanted to stick her head out of the sunroof. She is crazy.
Once she got the beach there was no holding her back. The water was cold and of course it was raining but Kathrine went straight for water. She got all sandy and wet, daddy loves sandy kids. Then she got the famous shower at the beach to clean her up, of course you never get all the sand out. Kathrine still loves to go to the beach and play in sand.



Too much fun.
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Patrick and Paige said...
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Patrick and Paige said...

I really should start charging you soon.... haha
Cute post

Nick, Heidi and kids said...

love the pics but we need to see some of Addison too. Where is that gorgeous blonde curly head?

weeksfamily said...

Heidi, this is still part of Kathrine's birthday dedication. Paige, we are going to charge you copyrights since half of your blog is of our kids. lol