Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kathrine growing up so fast

These are some of our favorites. Kathrine just wanted to help rack the leaves and she did a great job. Kathrine doesn't mind the cold, the wet, or anything, she just loves having fun.
Kathrine's first and second Halloween. Her first Halloween was soo cute watching her catch on to the whole idea of getting candy and each house. It was sad when we had to finally take her home. but daddy, more candy please. Needless to say we didn't let her have all the candy, that is what parents are for, to eat all the left over candy.
Our little princess. This is the dress she wore for Aunt Aubrey and Uncle Tyler's wedding.

These were taken at a pumpkin patch in St. Helen's when the whole family got together for Addison's blessing. We had so much fun counting the pumpkins and spending time with family. Kathrine loves all her aunts and uncles and especially Papa Y and Mema and Papa and Nana.

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