Monday, March 23, 2009

Kathrine, why are you so cute?

This is when Kathrine first started using the potty, as you can see, she was very excited to learn to use the potty. Now when daddy comes homes, she tells him still that she went potty in the potty.
Crazy faces while waiting for dance class, we think we got all her emotions.
Our little dancer. Kathrine is loving her dance class, she has had two classes now and is ready to start her tap/ballet class next month.
Heel, toe, heel toe. Good job Kathrine.
Kathrine started a tumbling class this year. It took awhile for her to get into it, but latter she really loved it. We will see if we will sign her up for another one or just stick with tumbling.
Her first dance class finished, daddy was able to see her last class and she her perform. It was really special to see our little Kathrine all grown up. Addison is following fast in her footsteps.
Kathrine's first haircut. We forgot how long it was. This is when she started looking so grown up. It's bitter sweet.
Hey, your shoes match your shirt. We loved this outfit and we can't wait until Addison can wear it.
Uncle Patrick and Aunt Paige has a corn snake and we thought that Kathrine wouldn't like him, but we were wrong, she loves it. She holds it and pets it and watches it eat. She is daring and crazy.
The good ol times out swimming in the backyard. It is nice having a backyard to play in.

All the crazy times we have in the bath tub. Bath time is so much fun at the Weeks home.
Some of our many trips to the zoo. Kathrine is an animal lover, it doesn't matter what kind. She loves the chickens, the birds, the monkeys, but sometimes the big black bear scares her.
"It scares me mommy"
Yea we know, she is crazy. Getting dressed for bed after bath time can be hard. We have to remember to just relax and have fun with our girls. Kids will be kids. There is something about not having clothes on that makes persons crazy.
Kathrine's first birthday and she is really catching on to the idea of getting presents, wit already one birthday and two Christmases. For her second birthday she got TMX Elmo and she had lots of fun with him, Addison did not. She was terrified of him. She also got lots of princess stuff. It was so much fun watching her open all her presents, she has the best reactions.

One evening we decided to make some yummy red potatoes and Kathrine jumped right in to help add the seasoning and shake the potatoes. She gets excited at the simple things. Uncle Patrick had fun helping her.

One night after unloading all the groceries we found Kathrine stacking the cans and the boxes of cereal. She had so much fun and she thought that she was the coolest kid. Well of course she is the coolest.

Mommy and her princess Kathrine.

These boots are made for walking.

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