Monday, July 6, 2009

Fourth of July

Great face Paige. Now this is a ride Mommy can handles.
Our favorite place to eat at the beach, The Lumber Yard and Daddy got the 4x4 and it was delicious.

Kathrine just had to go the tilta world and she loved it. The picture is blurry because they were going so fast.

Run Run, the tide is going to get you. The water may be cold, but our girls have to get their feet wet.

It is hard to get the girls to take pictures, but we think this one turned out cute.

Addison loves all dogs and has to stop and pet them all. Fortunetly for her this weeking was packed with dogs.

The best part of the weekend was watching a classic, Waynes World.

The guys showing off their skills.
Nice catch Daddy and nice picture Mommy

For the fourth of July we all went to the beach. You can clearly see that this is the girls favorite places to go. They play forever in the sand and don't mind a little sand in the face or hair.

Daddy being so tricky.

Over all, a very fun weekend.

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