Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Granpa Young's Funeral

Our sweet loving Grandpa Young passed away this week and we journeyed to Utah for his memorial service. Grandpa Young will always have a special place in our hearts. We loved to visit him and listen to him to us all the fun stories of the farm. The girls loved to visit him and give him hugs and kisses. On time he even shared strawberries with girls. They still remember that special time. We helped the girls understand that Grandpa Young was now up in heaven with Heavenly Father and Grandma Young. They are young but we know that they understand. We enjoyed both memorial services and were blessed to be able to remember all the precious memories of Grandpa Young. We also enjoyed sharing this moment with family.
The girls are such good travelers even though they don't sleep at all. "Mom, Mark's girls were so cute and fun to talk to, but they didn't sleep one wink. They talked my ear off" said Heidi talking to Mema about the ride back. Heidi and Lucy rode back from Blanding to Portland and yes the girls didn't sleep at all. They have to be involved in everything. They have traveled a lot so far going back and forth from Portland to Casper, to Colorado and back and now from Blanding. They are a joy in the car even if they don't sleep just one wink.

Aubrey hooked us up with a sweet hotel room where we all sleep in the same room. Well it was two bedroom suite. It made it very nice to be together for this both sad and happy weekend. The pool was good for the kids to use some of the energy they had. You would think that our girls would just crash after driving 11 hours, but they can't pass up swimming in the pool especially when Randahl is there, and of course Papa Y.

Time to swim.

Nice pose you little stud.

Randahl was attack by both girls. Addison tackled Kathrine and Randahl jumped in to save Kathrine but found himself on the floor with both of the girls on top. They play so well together.

After the funeral in Blanding, we had to go to White Rock and climb around. We all had fun climbing on the rocks and trying to catch the lizards. Blanding is so different than Portland and the girls just loved to be up and running around.

Not a perfect family picture, but it was still cute.

But this one turned out perfect. Mommy is so pretty.

Addison went of with Mommy and Daddy to find the ruins, but we couldn't find them. Instead Addison found a cactus and sat right on top of it. Luckily the diaper protected her little bottom.

We just couldn't stop Addison, she climbed, ran, and climbed some more. It was so cute watching her have so much fun climbing, climbing and climbing.

Yummy, we had to get some famous fry bread. Heidi had three and we had to finally cut her off.

Daddy was having fun with Addison taking some cute precious pictures. She loves to pose and smile for the camera.

We stopped by newspaper rock and read the news. The headlines were a little out dated. The girls didn't mind, they just wanted to get out of the car to play with Randahl. A special bond was created this weekend and the girls kept asking for Randahl.

Wilson Arch
We climbed all the way to the top to experience this cool arch. The view was amazing. Sadly on the way down Mommy and Kathrine fell down on the way down.

Hole in the Rock
We had a lot of fun at hole in the Rock. They have added so much since the last time Daddy had past through.

The studly driver focusing on the road.

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