Monday, July 27, 2009

Our Fun Camping trip once again at the Fruit Loop

We couldn't let the summer pass by without going to the fruit loop. We met up with old friend Bruno and the cat. Our girls just love to play with these guys and the dog and cat don't mind.
Playing in the cold river.

Mommy does a great job setting up all the sleeping bags.
With all the orchards we went to, this is still our favorite. They have yummy jams, sweets and of course jummy milkshakes with fresh fruits. Daddies favorite is the blackberry peach.
Nice hair guys.
Check this dude out.
We love this camp site because the girls can just play, play, and play some more in all the sand that they want. We didn't mind even thou they had a ton of sand in the hair, well should we say they had sand everywhere. The best place to camp.
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Patrick and Paige said...

JEALOUS!!!! I didn't get to come!!! BOOHOO!!! Lots of fun pictures. NEXT YEAR FOR SURE!!